WIDE MW100 LCD Monitor

WIDE MW100 LCD Monitor

WIDE MW100 LCD Medical Display

30″ TFT AMLCD IPS Grayscale, True 10-bit Grayscale
10 Mega Pixels – 4096 x 2560
14-bits Grayscales for Precise Expression
Built-in IQ Sensor II for DICOM Calibration
Luminance Uniformity Control (LUC)
Digital Ambient Control (DAC)

An improved image quality makes a world of difference when it comes to life critical situations. That is why WIDE is introducing the new 10 Mega-Pixel Self-Calibrating Medical Display for Mammography. The MW100 features unprecedented contrast coupled with ultra-high brightness and industry leading luminance uniformity performance. A new advanced on-board QA sensor (IQ Sensor™) provides the highest level of confidence to satisfy the demanded performance of the medical imaging standard. The MW100 works to secure life changing decisions made every day, and protects your confidence that you have the best tool possible at your reach. The MW100 creates the new standard for the mammography display industry.

When viewing monotone scans, the 14-bit grayscale Look-Up Table (LUT) has the ability to express a billion of grayscale tone. This 14-bit LUT architecture renders each grayscale level with maximum precision and performance in connection with true 10-bit TFT LCD driving performance. As a result, the MW100 offers highest grade of imaging performance for the mammography application.

The MW100 is able to guarantee maximum luminance level of nearly 1250cd/m². Its superior luminance will carry longer display lifetime, as well as very broaden diagnostic workflow. This includes Mammography, CT/MRI, Ultrasound and other imaging processes.

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