Medical Digital Video Recorder

Medical Digital Video Recorder

Medical Digital Video Recorder

MDVR (part number IPS700A) from FSN Medical Technologies is an advanced high quality video processing system that has built-in capabilities for signal source selection, multiple resolutions, and control through RS232C, TCP/IP or Android app.

Recording medical digital video is easy with MDVR. An accompanying control tablet runs the intuitive user interface and gives quick access to options for setup, recording, capture, file storage, patient information, play back, and data backup functions. Capture and recording can also be controlled through endoscopic camera head buttons or a foot pedal accessory.

All recorded files are stored on MDVR’s  internal hard disk drive.  These files can then be played back on a display monitor, or restored to a variety of media including external drives, memory sticks, DVDs, Blu‐ray disks, and network servers.

MDVR inputs correspond with universal standards that accept VGA, DVI‐D (up to 1920×1080 resolution), composite video, and S‐video connections.

  • Records video in full HD
  • Captures images in full HD
  • Advanced video coding / H.264 compression
  • Recording is triggered by the source device or a foot pedal switch
  • 1 terabyte internal HDD receives recorded/captured image files
  • Backup files can be copied to CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB memory stick, or FTP server
  • Configure via a tablet interface, RS232C or LAN

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