Schure Slide Full-Size, Anti-Static, Black


Schure Slide Full-Size, Anti-Static, Black

The Full-Size Schure Slide, Anti-Static, Rigid enables hospital and operating room personnel to easily slide patient from one bed to another. Each shifter slides easily on the bed sheet or stretcher pad because of its slippery, high-density polyethylene material. The rigid slide bridges the gap between uneven surfaces. Unique design has ten hand holes for easy insertion and removal of slide. Every recovery room or emergency room should have one.

+ Non-disposable, no need to waste red bags
+ Radiolucent and not made with natural rubber latex
+ Reduce back injuries and increase patient comfort
+ Speed-up turnover time – hang Schure Slide in every O.R.
+ Won’t stain – spray and wipe clean
+ 72"L x 22"W x 3/16" (183cm x 56cm x .5cm)

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