Limited Use Finger Traps

Limited Use Finger Traps

Limited Use Finger Traps

These latex-free mesh finger traps firmly grip fingers and hands to provide a comfortable, custom fit for each traction procedure. Our color coded surgical traction finger traps are made with a double-sleeved, soft mesh material. A 2" loop of strong nylon braid cord attaches finger trap to traction device. Designed for single disposable use. Although some facilities will clean, sterilize and reuse them several times until the mesh fabric begins to break down. They are then discarded.

Sizing: Extra Small fits infants and samll children; Small fits children 2 and over and small adult fingers; Medium fits most adult fingers and toes; Large fits men's fingers, large toes and women's thumbs; Extra large fits extra large fingers and toes.

+ Available in non-sterile, single or double with 5 color coded sizes that are also identified with their specific size

+ Improves productivity… eliminates the need for assistant to hold extremity

+ Custom fit for each traction procedure


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