Image Processing System

Image Processing System

Image Processing System
model IPS1000A

Video Distribution and Control

Take command of video signals in the OR! The variety of imaging equipment that is present in today’s medical environments also means that video signal formats can vary greatly. Multiple devices may generate very different types of output. With the need to share a common video display system, the ability to convert, upgrade, and control video signals is essential. IPS1000, named Control OR, is designed to solve these problems. Control OR can scale, reformat, and split video signals based upon what is needed. It features 10 input and 5 output capability. Control OR can even upgrade an analog signal to digital format.

  • Integrates medical video signals in the OR
  • Small footprint
  • Upgrades and maintains signal integrity
  • Distributes signal sources to one or more displays
  • Uses analog, digital or fiber standards
  • Picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture, picture-on-picture capabilities
  • Touch screen tablet and interface manages video distribution

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