Great White Platinum Stirrups

Great White Platinum Stirrups

Great White Platinum Stirrups

The Great White Platinum Stirrups provide safe and quick positioning assistance for improved surgical site access. This intra-operative, adjustable medical stirrup for gynecological, laparoscopic, and urological applications offers exceptionally precise placement, effectively minimizing the possibility of nerve damage. Exclusive axial rotation, high/low lithotomy and abduction/adduction from the handle improves patient positioning.

Simply squeeze the trigger for smooth and accurate patient adjustment without jeopardizing sterility or patient comfort. Once the trigger is released, the stirrup is firmly locked for optimum safety and surgical performance. The mounting blade design quickly and easily inserts into side-rail clamps. The raised lateral boot fin system protects the patient from superficial nerve damage.

The enhanced range of motion allows for -35° for low lithotomy, to 84° high lithotomy; abduction -9° to abduction 25° and also externally rotates out 20°. The Great White Platinum Stirrups are delivered fully assembled with included boot liners. Two required SpringLoc Clamps sold separately.

+ NEW FEATURE! Exclusive 3-axis control from the handle mimics the anatomy of the human hip

+ Simply squeeze the trigger for smooth and accurate high/low lithotomy, adduction and abduction positioning
Lithotomy Range -35° low to 85° high; Adduction -9° and abduction +25°

+ 600 lb. surgical patient weight capacity

+ Included Premier boot liners wrap around the foot, ankle and calf providing safe, comfortable and secure patient positioning

+ Lithotomy indicators help to accurately reposition legs

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