Great White Maxima Stirrups


Great White Maxima Stirrups

Increase your surgeons’ operating room performance with the Great White Maxima Stirrups which permit simple adjustment of lithotomy and abduction intraoperatively. Exclusive axial rotation from the handle for superior patient positioning. Great White Maxima Stirrups range of motion is -35° low lithotomy to 84° high lithotomy. Adduction -9°, abduction 25° and also externally rotates out 20°, with the control to lock the stirrup anywhere in between. The Great White ships fully assembled. Boot pads are included. Two required SpringLoc Clamps sold separately.

+ NEW FEATURE! Exclusive axial rotation from the handle for superior patient positioning

+ A wide boot and a stronger gas cylinder make this stirrup perfect for your heaviest patients

+ 800 lb (363 kg) surgical patient weight capacity

+ Boot free-floats throughout each range reducing the risk of superficial nerve injury

+ Lithotomy and length indicators help to position and reposition the legs

+ Extended lateral boot design helps reduce the risk of peroneal nerve injury

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