True Space2

Pre-fabricated modular Solution

Scope Of Application

  • Operamed actively engages itself in the design and planning process to achieve an optimal environment which ensures the best workflow processes and working conditions in your hospitals.
  • Truespace incorporates a proprietary structure and panel system that allows for a fast and clean installation process.
  • Once the construction is finalized, the system allows for modifications and easy access to services reducing costly OR and critical area shutdowns.
  • Our different panel material finish options have antibacterial properties that aid in the cleaning and disinfecting process of the operating room and other critical areas allowing for improved infection control.

Operating Rooms


Hybrid Rooms​

Patient Rooms​

Control Rooms​

Sterilization Dept.​

Main Components of TrueSpace

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New York Showroom

Zulekha Hospital - Dubai



IT BRESCIA Private Hospital

Cohen Children Hosp.