True Space3

Pre-fabricated modular Solution

Scope Of Application

Operamed actively engages itself in the design and planning process to achieve an optimal environment which ensures the best workflow processes and working conditions in your hospitals. Truespace incorporates a proprietary structure and panel system that allows for a fast and clean installation process. Once the construction is finalized, the system allows for modifications and easy access to services reducing costly OR and critical area shutdowns. Our different panel material finish options have antibacterial properties that aid in the cleaning and disinfecting process of the operating room and other critical areas allowing for improved infection control.

Operating Rooms


Hybrid Rooms​

Patient Rooms​

Control Rooms​

Sterilization Dept.​

Main Components of TrueSpace


TrueSpace - Pre-fabricated modular Solution
A very effective modular building method especially for most diverse and complex hospital construction projects using material which meets highest hygienic standards . 

Project Planning & Designing
Operamed engages itself actively in the design and planning process, together with architects, planners, engineers and medical experts, in order to achieve an optimal environment which ensures best workflow processes and working conditions in hospitals.

Medical furniture and -equipment planning
Operamed is offering a wide range of components such as medical furniture and -equipment as a part of a tailor-made turnkey solution. 

All TrueSpace components are made from high quality material in accordance with European Norms & Standards. TrueSpace is manufactured with millimetric precision to enable a seamless fitting on site in a very short time and to avoid any time-consuming rework.

Project Management, installation and maintenance
Operamed offers comprehensive project management services from one hand to ensure the project execution in time and to co-ordinate well with all other suppliers and sub contractors. TrueSpace is designed  for ease of maintenance.

Scope of Application

Operating Theatres Hybrid Theatres
Control Rooms Intensive Care Units
NICU’s Patient Wards
Reception Control Area
Corridors Changing Rooms
Lounges / Offices WC’s
Treatment Rooms Delivery Rooms
Dental Clinics CSSD Dept.

A modular System


Technological surfaces:
TrueSpace panels finishings could be realized in different solutions:


  Galvanized steel with antibacterial film finishing          8/10 mm
  Galvanized steel with powder-coated finishing            8/10 mm or 10/10mm
  Stainless steel powder-coated finishing              8/10 mm or 10/10 mm


  Wall panel with solid tempered glass solution           8 mm
  Wall panel with transparent safety glass finishing        3+3,  6 mm

Acrylic Solid Surface

  Wall panel with Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian)           3 mm or 12 mm

HPL Laminate

  Wall panel with HPL finishing,           0,9 mm + 12 mm wood support