The power of a post-processing workstation available everywhere, without changing your PACS!

Anywhere deploys the power of a post-processing workstation on all your hospital’s devices. The PACS is kept to store and archive images. Anywhere is an overlay: connected to the PACS as a simple workstation! More than 60 simultaneous clients can be managed by a single server.



+ Ultra fast : more than 2000 im/s
+ Real-time 3D reconstruction and VR
+ External image diffusion
+ Patient portal
+ Multi-device: PC, smartphone, tablet
+ Multi OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


+ All image format: RX, MR, CT, PET, MG
+ 0 footprint: data never move from the server
+ Data tagging for research
+ Automatic image registration
+ Multimodal image fusion
+ Min IP, Max IP, Mean IP
+ MPR, Multi-oblique
+Image favorites to synchronize with Fluid


Anywhere server is compatible with 100% of PACS on the market. It uses images using streaming technology from a central node to apps, light or heavy clients.

Anywhere permits medical collaboration with secure remote access and shared sessions.