The video management system for the OR

As a driver of innovation in the operating room, Videomed offers first-class solutions that support your daily work and enhance productivity.

In Truelink video management system, we have applied the same standard of excellence to the processing of video and audio data.

With the latest enhancements in HD capabilities and its easy installation and operation, Truelink offers endless possibilities for communication in day-to-day clinical work.

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Benefits that speak for themselves

Easy operation
A clearly structured, consistent user interface makes for intuitive operation and reduces the amount of time needed for training.

Innovative technology
Outstanding image quality through no-compromise HD1080 capability. Optional PACS connection and network-based, real-time signal processing.

With its routing, documentation, and communication modules, the system adapts to your needs and can also be upgraded at a later date.

Cost effectiveness
All system components are designed so they are easy to use and maintain, as well as quick and cost-effective to install.

A small footprint along with flexible integration means you can place the video management system anywhere you like within your OR environment.

The whole system – and not just individual components – is certified as a Class I medical device. Accordingly, Truelink gives peace of mind to users and patients alike.

Intuitive in every situation

Easy to operate, flexible signal distribution

Even at first glance, Truelink impresses with its well-designed and intuitive user interface, which emphasizes the most important functions in the routing, documentation, and communication modules. The program is compatible with all standard video signals up to 1080p and supports numerous inputs such as Surgical camera series, endoscopic cameras, PACS images, etc. This enables Truelink to meet a wide range of requirements – from small to large installations.



Well structured

Thanks to the graphical layout and the speed of the system, responsiveness is quick and problem-free. The live preview function maintains an overview of every source in every situation. High image quality and real-time signal processing help to obtain efficient and precise results – day in, day out.

Intuitive design for confident, safe use

The intuitive and clearly structured user interface ensures users adapt quickly to the technology, which reduces the amount of training required and the risk of operators committing errors.

Adaptable to your needs

The operator screen allows you to adapt various components of the system to your specific needs (i.e. audio settings, room camera perspective).

Efficient networking and exchange

CommunicationStreaming Module HDAdvantages
Simply communicate

Beyond the OR, Truelink enables exchange via video conference. Share information with colleagues and students in your own hospital or around the world via the Internet. And do so in full HD 1080p60 resolution – because quality makes all the difference.



Streaming Module HD
Videomed provides a solution also to simply streaming an HD video signal over the network. With the Streaming Module HD, Truelink can send HD1080 video with embedded audio. Remote sites can interact with OR with talkback function.

comm2Your advantages

• Forward and return channel with real HD video quality, up to HD1080p (bi-directional video).

• Full-duplex audio processing – for simultaneous speaking and listening.

Crystal-clear sound due to high-quality microphones and echo suppression.

• Able to process multiple audio signals (MP3 player, iPod®, etc.) due to built-in audio mixer.

• Compatible with video conferencing standard H.323 – for establishing connections to many other video conference systems.

Intuitive operation - the clear operating design concept is the key that permits every communication situation to be efficiently mastered.

Intelligence to fit your needs
Easy-to-follow workflows


Acquire patient data

Patient data is acquired by means of automatic and manual retrieval from PACS, thanks to DICOM compatibility.

Manual input of patient data is possible at all times, e. g. during emergencies.


Select the image source to receive a real-time preview.

The acquired data is securely cached in the Documentation module’s internal memory.

Edit images and videos

The recorded pictures or videos are displayed in an extensive preview.

Stored videos can be edited and saved - e. g. as sub-clips or still images.

Comments can be added to files.

Save and export

The data can be exported to the network, to PACS, to DVDs, and to USB mass storage devices.

Comments and images can be consolidated into a report.

The module ensures comprehensive DICOM integration and also permits DICOM-compatible video files to be exported.

Modular and flexible
Individual configuration meeting your needs



You know your requirements and your budget best. Accordingly, you determine the scope and number of features you want your Truelink to have.

• Not only can the three modules Routing, Documentation and Communication be combined, they can also be easily upgraded at a later date to meet your changing requirements.

• Moreover, Truelink is capable of supporting a large number of inputs and outputs covering various sizes of installation


• The small footprint ensures optimal use of space inside and outside the operating room.

• Integration into existing and new ORs is effortless thanks to the space-saving design and optimized cabling concept.

• Surgical displays supplied with the system were extensively tested by Videomed. They are thoroughly reliable and offer firstclass image quality.

advThe advantages of medical technology
Regular exchanges with responsible medical engineers, active listening, thinking in our customers’ terms, and enquiring: that was our basis for the development of Truelink. Which is why you can rely fully and completely on Truelink, from easy installation to reliable use in the OR:

• Truelink was developed exclusively for medical applications. Only Videomed technologies and modules requiring little maintenance and servicing are used.

• An efficient operating system with a high performance ensures easy, quick operation and maximum stability during image distribution.

• High technology in the smallest space: inside and outside the OR, Truelink takes up very little space.

• As well as being thoroughly easy to use, the overall system is certified as a Class I medical device according to 93/42/EEC norm. As a result, operation of the system is especially safe.

• Only standard CAT 6 and coaxial cables are used, optionally fiber optics. This simplifies system construction and reduces the time and cost needed for installation and servicing.